A Fundraiser’s Solution for Year-Round Revenue

Automated and AI Assisted fundraisers that raise more money, utilize less resources, and save time.

Compatible With Your Favorite Platforms

Hold unique fundraisers using your current software solutions.  Everything you need for a turnkey fundraiser.


All of our fundraisers come with Canva created graphics you can further customize.




Fundraisers include tested text and scripts, use them as is or futher customize for your organization.


When supplies are needed, we’ve sourced the best, fastest, easiest, and most affordable items.

Digital Tools

We’ve created many digital tools that work with your favorite software platforms to run efficient fundraisers.

Maximize Revenue

Generate recurring revenue with digital fundraisers that run all year.  Fundraisers are simple, designed to repeat, and scale easily.

Save Time

We've built all of the assets for you!  Use our tested designs, text, processes, and procedures with your favorite software solutions. Automate your fundraisers.

Reduce Volunteers

Fundraisers built to distribute the workload with a simple repetitive process means anyone in your organization can raise money. Empower your community members to raise money without doing all of the work for them.

Where it pays to be a connected community.

Hold fundraisers that build community and are fun!

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