Who We Are

We are a year-round, always-on fundraising solution that rewards local area organizations for partnering with each other. We serve nonprofits, schools, clubs, teams and businesses, so they, in turn, can better serve their members and the community.

Our Story

Heather Wilson is Founder and CEO of Digital Deets. Her inspiration for Digital Deets came from experiencing the pressures of fundraising as a teacher, a volunteer, and a community organizer. As a teacher for 11 years, she learned that fundraising  for her Title 1, refugee magnet school was a constant worry. And, as an involved PTA volunteer in her children’s schools and a community organizer in her neighborhood, she realized the same fundraising issues existed for many nonprofit organizations. She rarely saw a consistent and sustained effort to raise funds within her local community. So, Heather envisioned a way for schools to raise money all year long by allowing businesses to tap into the school communications already taking place. It quickly evolved into a fundraising engine that is fueled by local businesses partnering with schools and nonprofits.  Heather’s mission to create stronger, more connected communities has come to life on Digital Deets. 

Team Digital Deets

Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson

CEO and Founder
Neha Mohta

Neha Mohta

Head of Product
Blake Parkinson

Tanya Dmitrotsa

Lead Developer
Ravi Bhalotia

Phylicia Lanham

Community Champion

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