Community Catalog

A free, local online community directory that brings businesses, schools and nonprofits closer to their neighbors. 

Are you looking to build your brand in the local community? Do you have targeted offers or promotions that you need to get in front of the right audience?  Do you list on Yelp, Google Maps and Facebook? 

Community Catalog is a free, valuable online directory used by members of our schools and nonprofits to find local businesses. It provides local resources by category and includes local offers. It’s promoted annually to over 15,000 households across 1.5M emails …. and growing! 

And, you get a listing in the Community Catalog for free!  It’s an effective way to reach a new audience.

How It Works

It’s easy and will take you less than 5 minutes to complete. 

Before You Start — what you’ll need on hand to complete the steps: 

  • Business Description: One paragraph, 500 characters or less
  • Logo: Square shaped, jpg, png, or gif at least 300 px
  • Spotlight Image:  Square shaped .jpg, .png, or .gif at least 300 px 
  • Deal(optional): need word count in text to describe a special offer or discount code


Step One: Update your listing in the Community Catalog

  • Go  here
  • Search to find your organization or, if it doesn’t appear, add your organization
  • Click on the “Sign Up My Organization” orange button in your listing
  • Create your account and “Agree and Join”
  • Add your organization’s information – including description, logo and spotlight image
  • When finished, click “Save Catalog Listing”