Email Marketing

That Makes You Money.

Make Money Over Email

If your nonprofit organization is always looking for new ways to raise money while also keeping your organization’s members in the loop about important events and other information, look no further. Digital Deets is the nonprofit email marketing solution that helps you make money from  the messages you’re already sending.

Digital Deets is a fundraising and communication platform for nonprofits. Once you start sending through Digital Deets, we can help you find a sponsor in the business community and earn cash rewards through the emails you send. Read on to learn why Digital Deets is the perfect email marketing platform to help you combine your communication and fundraising efforts.

Send Through Digital Deets to Earn

Emails and other messages sent through Digital Deets or through your own email platform can make you money through our sponsor and promote program for businesses. We connect you with businesses who are looking to sponsor a nonprofit as a way to build their brand and give back to their community.

Once a business sponsor has been found, they will create brief offers and messages to be included in emails and posts sent out by the nonprofit organization. The more people the email reaches, the more cash rewards the nonprofit earns. Sign up your organization with Digital Deets to start earning!

Ready To Start Earning?

To start sharing and earning, join our free Lite Communication Plan.

Other Platform Features

The business sponsor offers can be sent out in email communications to your list of organization members. You can also use Digital Deets for your email! Communications sent through Digital Deets are displayed within the app and as mobile notifications. Digital Deets makes it easy to segment members into groups so that messages only go out to the people who need them.

Emails are automatically translated to the language they have selected as their default on their profile. This way, you can keep everyone in the loop, no matter who they are, all from one central location.

How It Works

Join Digital Deets and start using our free email and in-app communication features.
Schools and nonprofits join to raise funds, communicate with their members, and share targeted local business promotions.
Share communications with branded offers and messages from businesses while raising money for your nonprofit organization!

Make Your Emails Work For You

Fundraising requires constant attention in most nonprofits, as is getting the right messages out to the different employees, members, and volunteers. Digital Deets simplifies this for nonprofits by allowing their email communications to directly contribute to their fundraising efforts. Sign your organization up today to get started.