A platform to digitally manage your sponsorships and community partnerships.

Drive Revenue

Communicate Easily

Members of your organization, sponsors,  and community partners use our online tools to create and share information. Translation features ensure everyone stays informed.

Drive Revenue

Engage Community

 Your sponsors’ and community partners’ promotions are added to your organization’s digital communication channels to keep your community members informed and improve access to vital resources.

Drive Revenue

Raise Money

Grow your sponsorship or community partners program and increase the number of participants digitally. 

Share your Community Catalog in your digital communications.

Drive Revenue

Measure ROI

 Partners and sponsors view digital impressions to measure audience reach and can update their promotions and Community Catalog listing all year long in real time.

Drive Revenue


 Approve the partner’s communications before they are displayed.  Sponsors and partners do not have access to any of your data. 

Platform Features

Manage your sponsorships and community partnerships.

Where it Pays to be a Connected Community

A year-round fundraising solution that rewards schools, nonprofits, and businesses for partnering together.