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A free and easy way to fundraise by attracting business sponsors.

No purchases required. No events to plan. No donor solicitations. No time-consuming grant applications.

Some Funds

Raise funds with no effort

Once we determine we are a good fit for each other. We get started by activating your organization on our platform.  

More Funds

Optimize your sponsorship packages

Create a digital offering that is easy to sell and desirable to all businesses.  

Even More Funds

Raise even more funds through add-ons

Add on low-cost, high return offerings to increase the number of sponsorship dollars you raise.

Maximized Funds

Maximize your fundraising

Build your audience. The more you grow your community, the more sponsors you attract.

Ready to maximize Sponsorship dollars?

Where it Pays to be a Connected Community

A year-round fundraising solution that rewards schools, teams, nonprofits, and businesses for partnering together.