Checklist for Increasing Sponsorships.

1. My sponsors' information reaches our community even when we are not gathered for an event.

Digital signs, banners, and announcements only reach audiences during live events.  Even without an electronic sign or physical location, you can still offer digital sponsorships through your digital communication channels.

2. My sponsors are recognized digitally and they can update their information any time.

Logos on programs, t-shirts, and banners are outdated.  They cost money to produce and install.  Give sponsors a modern way to update their information all year long.

3. My sponsors can measure their return on investment.

To keep your sponsors year after year, they need to know that the sponsorship is providing value to their business.   Be sure you can provide analytics on the number of impressions your sponsored information gets.

4. I have no more than 3 sponsorship packages with unlimited sales potential.

More than 3 sponsorship packages can confuse potential sponsors and it is hard to define clear value between the offerings. Don’t limit the number of sponsorships instead provide value to an unlimited number of sponsors without compromising the program’s integrity.

5. I can sell sponsorships all year long without the need to pro-rate them.

Instead of creating new sponsorship packages each year that can only be sold one time of the year, move your sponsorships to year-round availability.  Renew each sponsorship throughout the year on the date it was purchased.

6. My sponsorships automatically renew every year.

Use subscription software to collect payment through a credit card transaction and set reminder emails to inform sponsors of upcoming renewals.  Watch your renewals increase with less work and less contact!  

7. I have a pipeline of over 1,000 potential new sponsors and several potential top-tier sponsors.

Procuring new sponsors is a numbers game.  Continue to approach your “old stand-by” sponsors but also ensure you have a large list of potential new sponsors in your area. 

8. I share organization highlights and updates by email with our sponsors.

Sponsors and other members of your community do not attend every event you hold.  Use email strategically to update your community members and highlight sponsors digitally.

9. I have people who dedicate time to selling sponsorships.

Don’t wait for potential sponsors to come to you.  Each year designate individuals who can actively reach out to the businesses in your community all year long. 

Why Digital Deets

Easily raise money all year long by connecting with businesses looking to build their brand in your local community.