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Families are the backbone of any community. Kid-friendly businesses like yours create positive, engaging experiences that help kids grow and learn — all in a safe and healthy environment. Kid-friendly businesses strive to introduce themselves to families and gain their loyalty, yet standing out in this crowded market is a real challenge.

So how do kid-friendly businesses find new families to develop loyalty and referrals?


Why Digital Deets

Easily build brand awareness, drive sales and give back by connecting with nonprofits and schools in the local community.

How It Works


First, your business joins Digital Deets to connect to local nonprofits and schools in the community. The free online Digital Deets Community Catalog introduces you.


You can support a specific organization on Digital Deets as a sponsor. You’ll get special placement of your logo to stand out on communications that the organizations send to their members. Digital Deets will even help you find the right nonprofits or schools to sponsor.


You can also send valuable information and targeted offers for members on the Digital Deets system within a specific location through a bi-monthly digest.

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Nonprofits automatically get a portion of what you pay Digital Deets to sponsor and promote. These proceeds help schools and nonprofits reach their goals.

Our three plans for kid-friendly businesses help to meet your objectives.

Partnerships between schools, nonprofits, and local businesses are a win for the entire community, so what are you waiting for?