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Welcome to Digital Deets, a free year-round fundraising solution that rewards schools and nonprofits for partnering with their local businesses.  Our community cash rewards model is based on sharing relevant information and local business offerings with your members — no purchases, donors or events required. Many of you are communicating with your members in this way — and with Digital Deets, you get rewarded for it!


$500 Community Micro-grant

We are launching in your area! We invite you to apply to this non-competitive micro-grant that doesn’t require the work or resources typically needed.  You can use the funds to support your greatest needs.

How It Works – 4 Easy Steps


Click on Sign Up.


Enter your details and confirm your organization.


Choose how you would like to receive your funds (PayPal or check).


Upload 100 or more of your member email addresses.

If you do this within 14 days of your invitation, you will receive the micro-grant within 14 days. Then, start to share information to earn cash rewards!

It’s our mission to build stronger, more connected communities. We hope to help you raise the funds you need to reach your goals.