Raise Funds Easily,


Nonprofits like yours play a critical part in any community by improving the quality of life for its members.  Nonprofits are dependent upon their ability to effectively fundraise. Most rely upon government funding, grants, public donations including one-off campaigns. These funding sources can be resource heavy and are becoming more uncertain and hard to budget around.  

So how do nonprofits change traditional fundraising efforts to identify new funding sources?


Why Digital Deets

Easily raise money all year long by connecting with businesses looking to build their brand in your local community.

How It Works


First, a nonprofit organization joins Digital Deets and uploads its email addresses onto our platform.  You can then choose to send emails, manage your community, and communicate with volunteers and members of your organization on Digital Deets. 


Next, we compose and send a bi-monthly digest on your behalf. It includes valuable information and targeted offers for your members from area businesses.


Businesses can also choose to sponsor you to have their logo stand out on communications to your members. Digital Deets will even help find the right businesses to sponsor your nonprofit to meet its goals.

Desktop, Table, Mobile mockups

Nonprofits automatically get a portion of what businesses pay to sponsor and promote on Digital Deets. Based on your fundraising goals, you can decide how actively you want to share on email, social or your website. The more you share, the more you earn in cash rewards to help you reach your goals.

We have different levels of fundraising based on how active you want to be. Nonprofits that are most active on our platform have maximum cash reward earning potential.

Our two communication plans allow you to easily and more effectively engage and share with your members.

Whatever plan you choose, you want to make sure nobody in your nonprofit organization or community misses an update.