Recognize any financial supporter in your digital communication channels and media outlets.

Drive Revenue

Raise Money

Grow your number of supporters digitally.

Easily acknowledge supporters through your digital communication channels.

Drive Revenue

Recognize Anyone

Choose to recognize any supporter: business donors, sponsors, families, community partners, or fans

Drive Revenue

Share Easily

Decide where to display your supporter’s information: social media, website, email, and/or print.

Drive Revenue

Supporter Portal

Supporters can change their information anytime through their own user interface.

Automate the Recognition Process

  • Community Catalog – an interactive digital board with all your supporters
  • Recognition Reminder – an html email template
  • Media Moment – an image with all supporters grouped together
  • Solo Spotlight – an image with one supporter
  • Website Widget – a snippet of html code for a webpage

How It Works

Submit your supporters. We’ll create a draft version of their information for you and schedule their year round recognition.

We’ll send the draft to your supporter for approval before publishing it.

After approval, the draft is  published to it’s designated tool: Media Moment, Solo Spotlight, Recognition Reminder, Community Catalog, and Website Widget.

Supporters’ information is shared to your digital communication channels.

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