A Run/Walk Coordinator’s Solution to


Spotlight any charity run/walk supporter in your digital communication channels and media outlets.

Keep your community’s attention on your important relationships. Promote them all year long automatically.

Choose Who to Recognize

Business donors



Community Partners


decide where to display

Social Media




Automate the Recognition Process

Create value 365 days a year for your run/walk supporters.  Keep your relationship warm. We’ve got the tools to make it easy!

Community Catalog

A digital board with a shareable link that groups all of your supporters on a single page.
Click here to view a published Community Catalog

Deets Digest

Media Moment

An image with all of your supporters to share via your digital communication channels and media outlets.

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Solo Spotlight

Recognize just one supporter in a stand-alone format.



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Recognition Reminder

A clickable html email template sent monthly that includes all of your supporters with links to their Community Catalog listings and information

Website Widget

A snippet of html code to add to any web page where you want your supporters to display.

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How It Works

Tell us who your run/walk supporters are. We’ll create a draft version of their information for you.

We’ll send the draft to your run/walk supporter for approval before publishing it.

After approval, the draft is automatically published to it’s designated tool: Media Moment, Solo Spotlight, Community Catalog, Recognition Reminder, and Website Widget.

Share the Media Moment and Solo Spotlight in social media, email campaigns, and paper flyers.  Include your unique Community Catalog link anywhere online. Display run/walk supporters on your website in real-time.

Need More Help?

Think of us as your virtual fundraising and communications assistant.  We’ll create and automate processes that scale for your entire organization. We’ll help you save time, utilize less resources, and raise more money.


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