Coupon Book Fundraising

Coupon Book Fundraisers

Coupon book fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your school or nonprofit organization while also supporting your local community. You can choose to utilize a pre-made coupon book made for your region, or decide to make your own by finding deals among local businesses.

Coupon books can also be done with minimal physical interaction, making them accessible for many different communities. To ensure you are getting the word out to interested members of your organization and local community, Digital Deets makes it easy to send emails to your existing email lists, place easily-customized messages on your website, and send in-app messages to a local, targeted audience in order to promote your fundraiser. Best of all, we can help earn your school passive income by finding you a sponsor in the local business community. Get started today by signing your organization up for Digital Deets!

Which Type of Coupon Book Should I Use?

One of the major benefits of a coupon book fundraiser is that rather than trying to sell people items they might not need or want, you are giving them a way to save money on purchases they were likely already going to make. But is it worth it to go through the trouble of creating these books from scratch?

Like anything else in your school fundraising efforts, it depends what your goals and capabilities are. Creating your own coupon books will certainly require more effort than getting a pre-made one, but creating a coupon book featuring local businesses will also likely hold more appeal for your audience.

Utilizing existing coupon books is a good option if you are pressed for time or resources. These books tend to be more useful for cities and other high-population areas, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be useful for your community no matter where you are located. Two options that might be relevant for your audience are Entertainment Coupon Book & Mobile App  and SaveAround Coupon Books.

Getting the Word out to Volunteers & the Community

Whichever coupon book fundraising option you decide to pursue, you will need to inform members of your community about it so they can reap the benefits while helping raise money for your cause. First, you need to inform potential volunteers about the fundraiser so that you can sell the books to your community at scale. Second, you want to publicize the fundraiser as much as possible to your community so they know that the savings are available to them.

With Digital Deets, you can easily notify members of your school or organization about the fundraiser through our platform, either as in-app messages or as emails to your existing contact list. With Digital Deets, you also can see analytics on the messages you send, so you can be sure nobody misses a message.

Digital Deets can also help you leverage the power of social media to spread word about your fundraiser. Once you have a core of volunteers willing to help advertise and sell coupon books to support your fundraiser, you can create a promotion within the system and easily notify your volunteers about the fundraiser through social media, text, and in-app messages.

A fundraiser can only be successful when members of the community are aware that it’s happening. Luckily, Digital Deets makes this easier than ever!

Creating Your Own Coupon Book Fundraiser

Although it may take additional time and resources, creating your own local coupon book for a fundraiser can be a rewarding and valuable experience for your fundraiser and local community.

While pre-made coupon books tend to include national chains and other well-established brands, soliciting offers from local businesses for a custom coupon book will help support less-established local businesses that would surely be grateful for the support.

Another benefit of this route is there won’t be as much pressure to sell a certain amount of coupon books, as there might be when you are ordering pre-existing coupon books in bulk. If you create your own coupon books, your costs will be limited to printing and receiving the actual coupon books from a local printer (another way that this route supports local business).

To maximize your savings even further, you could take advantage of Digital Deets fundraising tools and empower the smallest of local businesses to create and share coupons directly with your school community, no printing necessary.

Raising & Saving Money with Coupon Book Fundraisers

Pulling off a successful coupon book fundraiser is a rewarding experience that benefits your local community as much as it benefits the specific cause for which you are fundraising. With a little bit of planning, communication, and hard work, you can raise money for a great cause while also supporting local businesses and helping members of your community save money.

Whether you choose to use a pre-made coupon book or create one yourself, you will need to get the word out to volunteers and other interested people in your community. With the potential to reach users in a targeted way through different mediums (digital, email, social, and in-app messaging) while receiving analytics on those messages, Digital Deets is an essential partner in your next school fundraising venture.