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Schools are the heart of our community and a source of great pride. Fundraising helps schools meet student and teacher needs where existing funding falls short, a common challenge when school budgets are stressed. Pulling off successful school fundraisers is hard work for everyone, especially with the influx of communications from school to home.

So how do schools change traditional fundraising efforts to identify new funding sources?


Why Digital Deets

Easily raise money all year long by connecting with businesses looking to build their brand in your local community.

How It Works


A school signs up for Digital Deets by updating their details in our free online Community Catalog, a helpful local reference guide. Introduce yourself alongside your neighboring schools, nonprofits, and local businesses. We’ll get started finding you a business sponsor – for free!


While we find a sponsor, a school uploads their contact list onto our platform. For example, add your staff, parents, volunteers, donors, and community members.


We send a bi-monthly Deets Digest from your organization. It includes valuable community informaton and targeted offers from your sponsors and other local businesses. Share your sponsors’ offers even wider and earn more cash rewards!

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Your school’s participation in our bimonthly Deets Digest automatically raises funds!

You get a portion of what businesses pay to sponsor and promote on Digital Deets in cash rewards.

Schools that are most actively re-sharing on our platform have maximum cash reward earning potential.