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Local businesses are the lifeline of every community and source of real pride. They serve us in countless ways by making our lives easier, creating jobs, and giving our community a unique flavor. Local businesses boost the economy by keeping money circulating locally and reminding locals to shop outside their doorsteps. 

So how do businesses find new customers and encourage others to keep coming back?

Why Digital Deets

Easily build brand awareness, drive sales, and give back by connecting with schools, athletic organizations, and nonprofits in the local community.

How It Works


We contact you to sponsor local fundraising organizations in your area.  We update your business information once a month for you to approve.  Then it is embedded in the digital communication channels of the organization you digitally sponsored.


We also include your business in the fundraising organization’s free online Community Catalog, a helpful local business directory. Introduce yourself alongside your neighboring business sponsors.


Gain local brand recognition and support your favorite, school, team, or nonprofit while saving time- Digitally sponsor an organization all year.

Desktop, Table, Mobile mockups

Fundraising organizations automatically get a portion of what you pay Digital Deets to sponsor and promote. These proceeds help organizations reach their goals.

Our marketing plans for local businesses help to meet your objectives.

Partnerships between schools, teams, clubs, studios, nonprofit organizations and local businesses are a win for the entire community, so what are you waiting for?