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For small businesses, it’s important to be able to advertise your brand and unique offerings to local audiences and build your brand awareness. This helps your small and local business reach interested prospects and also supports your community with offers that are relevant to them. 

Digital Deets gives small and local businesses the chance to get personalized messaged and discounted offers out to members of different organizations, targeted by region. Best of all, a portion of the money you spend sponsoring a school or nonprofit organization goes directly to the organization to help the members of that local community.

Sign up your organization today to unlock the power of the Digital Deets community and begin spreading word about your small business to a local audience. Get started for free by introducing your small and local business in our Community Catalog, and then pick a sponsor and promotion plan to get your message out. 

Partner With a Local School or Nonprofit

Many of the organizations who use Digital Deets are schools and nonprofits who have joined to fundraise through communications sent on the Digital Deets platform. Once a business who is interested in sponsoring another organization has joined our platform (which is free to do), they can choose to support one or more schools or nonprofit organization(s).

Once a business has chosen an organization they want to partner with, they can begin sharing targeted messages and valuable offers with the members of the organization they are sponsoring. Messages sent by sponsors will appear at the top of the communications feed of the individual members in the organization being sponsored. This central communication feed is where organizations communicate and send updates to its members. 

Sponsors earn a logo placement on the bottom of email communications sent through our platform by the school or nonprofit organization(s) being sponsored. Sponsors also have logo placement and their promotion shared in a bi-monthly digest sent by Digital Deets. 

When you sponsor an organization on Digital Deets, half of your Sponsor Plan subscription goes directly to the organization you are funding. Businesses have the option of sponsoring multiple organizations in this way. Build ties to your local community through Digital Deets!

Grow Your Reach

If you would like to further extend the reach of your brand and messages, we also offer a community-wide Promote Plan which allows businesses to share their message with more users on the Digital Deets platform. Businesses have logo placement and their promotions shared in a bi-monthly digest sent by Digital Deets. Schools and nonprofits get up to 50% of the plan subscription when they raise funds by sharing promotions as widely as possible. Support your local schools and nonprofits to raise money to reach their goals! 

Also included on Digital Deets is an ever-growing free Community Catalog with listings of businesses in the community designed to grow your brand awareness. Types of businesses include realtors, lawyers, after-school camps and more. Remember, it’s free for your business to sign up with Digital Deets and add yourself to this catalog. 

Reach Local Audiences

At Digital Deets we believe it is to a community’s benefit for businesses, nonprofits, and schools to work together to meet the needs of their community and offer support to one another. On our platform, businesses have the ability to sponsor schools and nonprofit organization(s) directly and allow them to raise even  more money by sharing messages and offers to a targeted audience.

Sign up with Digital Deets and learn why sometimes it pays to be part of a connected community!

Why Digital Deets

Build brand awareness, drive sales and give back to  the community by connecting with schools and nonprofits.